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I just wasted roughly an hour of my precious time a while ago.

My iPad 64GB 3G arrived last week (Tuesday) c/o my aunt’s friend who flew back here in the Philippines for his house construction in Tagaytay. I thought that it will be a great opportunity for me to get myself an iPad as it was not yet released here in Manila.

I was just aiming for the entry level version (16GB wifi only) but I tell you, it is hard to find stores in the US that still have stocks in their cabinet. I’ve contacted all Apple Resellers in San Diego, California and none of them carries what I want… actually all versions! I was advised by Apple Representative in Fashion Valley branch to order it online but it will take around 7 days for my aunt to receive it and her friend will fly back in 4 days!

To cut the story short, I was able to find a store which carries their last stock of iPad. However, it was the high end version. I gave in… hence the reason why I’m broke… LOL

When I got hold of it, I told myself that I’ll be trying several SIM cards on it to check on which one gives me the 3G connection that I need. I bought a SUN sim and cut it out to the size and was able to make it work. However, I was not satisfied with the speed so I decided to try another one.

As I was browsing the net yesterday, I read an article that Globe carries a prepaid microSIM card. I know that they have this iPad Plan for Php 999 but I am not aware that they have the prepaid version. I’ve contacted Globe to confirm and was told that they’re really are true and gave me the branches who carries it.

Here comes what happened earlier. Since their Customer Service won’t give the business center’s number, I dropped by and waited until my number flashes on their 7-Segment display counter. I asked for it and this guy told me they only have the Postpaid. The guy is clueless on the prepaid so I’ve asked again to make myself clear. I was told that they don’t have prepaid so I told him if he can confirm it for me. He went inside and came back and told me that they DON’T HAVE STOCKS right now BUT THE PREPAID MICROSIM SERVICE DO EXISTS. Ok, I’ve asked if he can call the North Edsa branch to check if they have stocks. He went back again inside and after few minutes he told me that they don’t have it either.

Before I raised my white flag and leave the store, I asked for another confirmation if the PREPAID MICROSIM DO REALLY EXISTS. His answer got me exasperated! He told me that they don’t have prepaid microSIM which is contrary to what he just told me few minutes ago! I want to clear this confusion as he seems to be new so I’ve asked for a manager for the final confirmation. The Manager told me that memo was not yet released hence the reason MAYBE that they are not aware of it. When I asked why did your customer service representative (hotline) told me that they have, she just told me that they should know first ‘coz memos are directed to them.

So now, who is telling the truth? The Manager or their website? Even Manila Bulletin published an article about it!

I’m not mad at Globe and don’t have plans to cut my 8 year old subscription. I’m just PO to the situation that their employees are not aware of their services. Also, why can’t your Customer Service Hotline Representatives give us your Business Center’s number? Are you expecting your customers to have a “Globe Business Center Field Trip” to check which one carries a stock of a Php 50 microSIM card?

After calling SUN Cellular’s Customer Service

Again, I’m just PO and I wish I can have that precious 1 hour of my time back! I twitted compliments for Globe pa naman.

And they’ve sent DMs and mentions to me…


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  • gus

    hi macoste,
    can’t help but comment. the same, exact thing happened to me here in cebu. and i mean exact. it was like reading a transcript of what transpired that wasted — even annoying day. even now the whole thing is a big mystery. nice to know (…sorry) that these things don’t only happen to me. hope our fortunes change.

  • macoste

    Hi Gus,

    Thanks for reading my post. I feel sad that you also had this irritating experience from Globe. Yes youre right, the prepaid microsim is still not yet released. Anyhoo, I can’t help it anymore. I signed up for the iPad plan since I can’t bear removing the sim over and over again just to load it with credits.

    Hope you enjoy youre stay! Regards to your iPad! :)


  • Lizzy


    I want to ask about the sun sim that u said u cut out to the size of micro sim? How did u do that? Does it work for iPhone? I am having a problem with iPhone cause my line is sun cellular so I couldn’t use globe’s micro sim. :( any advise? That will be a big help. Thanks! :)

  • macoste

    Hi Lizzie,

    Thank you for visiting my blog. You may want to check out my blog post:

    Basically, I aligned the Microsim came with my iPad to the Sun prepaid sim. Its not that difficult to do. I’m not sure if the iPhone came with a MicroSIM but try to get a prepaid Globe Microsim (for Php 50 only) and use that as pattern to cut your sun sim. Please use a very sharp cutter and be careful. :)

  • Lizzy

    Thanks for the advice :) I tried to cut my sun sim but it doesnt work its still not detected :( i made my micro sd card as a pattern lol. The sun sim that i cut was fit into the loader of iphone but still it doesnt detect the sim. :(

  • Michelle


    I know this is about Globe but still I want to ask if Sun has a microsim already? I just love Sun and when I go back to the Phil [well, not until next year], I want to use a Sun sim. :)

  • macoste

    Oh they dont have yet… but you can cut one :)

  • Mil Abraham

    I already have their MicroSIM (Prepaid)
    All you have to do is visit any Globe Store and ask the guard if they have stocks before getting queue ticket.

    If they don’t have it yet, just bring your old regular SIM and have it migrated onto Micro Sim and enjoy the service with the same number. ^^

    Php40 for prepaid migration
    Php50 for postpaid migration

    hope this helps!^^

  • Mil Abraham

    Micro SIM works just fine with other older devices that supports only regular SIM..

    I tried it already with various cellphone models of different brand..^^

    And you don’t have to wait for hours for it to activate..
    As for me, I waited 5 minutes..:D

    Baka bukas yung postpaid ko na ipalipat ko sa MICRO Sim.

    ^^ Happy New Year! :D

  • Kristine

    I have a hard time finding a prepaid microsim. I’d like to know a globe branch where they have lots of stocks since I’m supposed to avail two (one for me and another for my sister). Hope you guys could help me with this. Thanks

  • Arlene

    Please let me know if you have any luck getting a prepaid microsim. I am planning to visit Philippines next month and would like to be able to use my iPhone4 locally (it’s already jailbroken and unlocked). Thanks!

  • nicole

    hi. where can i buy globe microsim? prepaid microsim for iphone4.. thanks..

  • macoste

    Check out Globe Business Center.

  • Iamlemons

    Hi arlene! Where did you have your iphone 4 unlocked. I need to use my iphone for my sun.

    And those looking for microsims, try your luck globe telecom in pioneer st. Mandaluyong. i got mine there, prepaid.

  • Merl Ramos

    HI I’d like to know if there is prepaid micro sim available for sale?